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April 30, 2021 New BlueStar PlanGuard Fiduciary Services

Plan smarter with new PlanGuard fiduciary services! Our newest service allows you to offset some key fiduciary responsibilities, reduce the workload on internal staff members, and leverage the expertise of our compliance team members.

As your Recordkeeper and TPA, we already work diligently to help ensure your plan stays compliant. But, when you engage our PlanGuard services, we take our watchdog role to the next level. 

Our PlanGuard services are offered at two tiers, which allows you to select the service level that best suits your plan’s needs. The first tier, PlanGuard Plus, delegates transaction approval duties and allows you to hand off some key fiduciary duties. PlanGuard Premium extends delegated duties to a broader range of administrative actions and approvals. See a breakdown of our services below.

BlueStar PlanGuard fiduciary services chart breakdown

What are you waiting for? Let us do the heavy lifting when it comes to your company's retirement plan! We’ll make the daily and oftentimes tedious decisions required for distributions and loans, forceouts and RMDs so that you don't have to. And best of all, you’ll have less liability too! 

Contact our team to today to learn more about how PlanGuard can benefit the day-to-day management of your plan.


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