• Multiple Employer Plans for PEOs

    BlueStar has worked with PEOs since 2003 and understands their unique needs. We know that your retirement plan needs to be a shining example of why your client hired you to take over their HR and Payroll needs. Our service model is designed to support you completely from the initial sale through the many years of successful client development. Since we know PEOs, we also know your software and can easily integrate with your payroll software to increase efficiencies and reduce the time your staff has to spend on your plan.

  • Multiple Employer Plans for Associations

    We've worked with a variety of associations to deliver an unparalleled retirement solution for their members. With our help, our associations can offer an amazing value to their members by pooling their assets together, reinforcing the benefit that membership in the association provides. Members enjoy the value of being part of a large plan without sacrificing any plan design flexibility.

  • Multiple Employer Plans for What Comes Next

    Yes, Pooled Employer Plans (PEPs) are a reality starting in 2021. The SECURE Act has passed, creating the open-MEP concept the retirement plan community has been clamoring for. We have been working with MEPs for over 15 years and built our systems around their unique structure, and this structure will work perfectly for PEPs as well. From reporting, to communications, to online access - our systems are designed to provide both PEP/MEP-level and adopter-level access and information. What is complicated for other providers - different plan designs for different companies, different payroll feeds, multiple bank accounts, restricted plan access - is right in our sweet spot.

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