Everything You Need!

Extra Services Just for MEPS & PEPS

Multiple employer plans aren't just another 401(k) plan.  They need special services to help them grow and thrive.  From our extensive marketing support that helps you attract new clients to our streamlined on-boarding process, we'll help you get your plan off the ground.  Our purpose-driven technology also creates a WOW! factor that your clients will love - from great portals to custom plan design, we have the multiple employer plan services you need.   

Custom Branding

Whether your MEP or PEP is for your association, PEO, or a new business initiative for your advisory or consulting firm, your plan needs to feel unique and reflect your brand.  We can help!  With the help of that great BlueStar technology, you can customize your plan portal, brochures, and participant materials with your logo and colors.  You can even have branding options at a company by company level that differs from your MEP branding.  And because our system is so flexible, we don’t even charge extra for it!


Marketing Support

If you need help telling the story of your MEP or PEP, we’re here for you!  The advantages of your MEP and PEP - from better pricing to flexible plan design to reduced liability - is an amazing story and we’ll help you shout it out.  We’ll build a custom site just for you that showcases your plan and explains the advantages of pooling individual plans together under one umbrella.  With a couple of clicks, adopters can request a proposal or start the adoption process.  We’ll also produce for you a ton of collateral material that you can provide to prospects so that growing your plan is super easy. Even better, the BlueStar team will be right there in your corner - providing proposals, sitting in on presentations, and helping you explain the benefits of your plan.

Service Team

Your MEP or PEP needs a broader service team than a traditional single employer plan – so that’s what we give you.  In addition to your Account Manager, your adopting employers will have direct access to our client support team so they can get direct help with any of their questions. Your plan will also be assigned one of our experienced consultants, who’ll play the lead role in plan design consultations and compliance reviews with your adopting employers.  We know your plan will be growing so you’ll also have a Conversions Specialist who has multiple years of experience to ensure that your clients and association members have a first-class onboarding experience. 

Plan Design Flexibility

MEPs and PEPs do not inherently constrain plan design options for the participating companies. But many providers limit your options because their systems can’t handle the variety of choices.  That’s not the case with BlueStar.  Our experienced consultants will help you design your plan and decide how big you want your plan design playground to be.  You may choose to limit the options for administrative ease - like requiring a single definition of compensation or standard distribution options.  You may also limit the options to achieve a particular goal - like defaulting to automatic enrollment or requiring safe harbor contributions.  That’s awesome - we can help make your plan a success!  But you ALSO have the option to make the playground really big and let each company have as much fun as they want.  And with protected benefits, this flexibility may be super important to your new adopters.  

Reporting and Plan Access

With MEPs, there are often many different ways you want to slice and dice the plan data and plan access.  We’ve got you covered!  Whether you want the data all wrapped up at the the PEP or MEP level for 5500 reporting or plan health statistics or broken down by each participating company, our systems and reports can handle it.  Sponsors or advisor partners can log in to our portals and seamlessly toggle between a plan view or a company view. They can access detailed reports by company or download comprehensive statistics across the entire plan.  Participating companies, in contrast, can only see their plan, ensuring both privacy across participating employers and a custom experience for each one.  

We’ve extended this flexibility to our Contact Management System.  Plan alerts, emails, and to-do items can be targeted to the right person with the right data.  And because we know every plan structure is different, we can customize these notifications for your particular situation.  So for plans with a centralized administrative structure, reports and requests can be channeled through the main plan contacts.  In other plans, where more administrative duties remain with the participating employers, we’ll set the plan up so that each company receives the proper notices and requests.  We are even able to distinguish between people who want to stay in the loop versus the people who have approval authority.  Now that’s flexibility!

Flexibility – for you and your adopting employers.

For companies joining a BlueStar MEP or PEP, it’s all good news.  Great services, better pricing, less liability.  And no loss in flexibility.  Beyond just the plan design flexibility and custom reporting, we even have the ability to vary services and billing practices at the company level.  Really?  Really!  So if your doctor client wants to pay the plan’s account fee but your restaurant client prefers the fees to be assessed against the plan - we can do that.  And if one of the companies wants some extras like financial wellness or managed accounts, but others do not - no problem.  We can turn features on or off at the company level so their plan is exactly what they want it to be.