Our Company

BlueStar provides retirement plans to all types of companies, specializing in Multiple Employer Plans for PEOs and Associations. BlueStar brings a “Better Bundle” approach to the operation of retirement plans as an integrated recordkeeper and third-party administrator. We reduce administrative burdens on plan sponsors, coordinate with plan advisors to provide a superior plan solution, and provide participants with the information and tools they need to get ready to retire.

Our Mission

To provide solutions that make retirement plans easy – easy for employers to sponsor, easy for advisors to service, and easy for participants to achieve t​​heir savings goals.

Our Values

ACCOUNTABILITY: We care. We listen. We make things happen. We do things right – and we do the right things. We take care of things so our customers don’t have to.

CREATIVITY: We anticipate. We innovate. We understand that one size does not fit all – and rarely fits any. We deliver customized creative solutions that meet the unique needs of our diverse customers.

CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT: We invest heavily in our two greatest assets – our people and our technology. We will never stop. We believe that even the best must always get better and more efficient.