Tools for successful outcomes

Retirement Readiness analysis for everyone.

BlueStar's participant portal provides an individual retirement income gap analysis for each and every participant, and then goes further by showing each and every participant how to optimize their retirement readiness. For the next step, BlueStar's advisor/sponsor portal delivers both aggregate and granular retirement readiness data to allow "next level" data-driven engagement of participants.

GuideME points the way Ready? Set. Goal.

With BlueStar, participants can see at a glance whether they are on a path to retire successfully. Even better, if they are like most people and aren't, BlueStar will show them what they can do to reach their retirement goals. GuideME is available to all plan participants at no additional cost. With specific recommendations on savings rates, investment strategies, and retirement plans, participants can formulate a plan and watch their savings grow. Prepare for retirement? Consider it done!

  • Easy Enrollment
    Pick up smartphone, get enrolled! Both guided and quick enrollment options are available.
  • Participant
    Services Center
    Real human beings available to help, no phone jail. From our office in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida.
  • Concierge Notifications
    Communication is key when participants are involved. Our notification system keeps everyone in the loop.
  • Custom Communication Campaigns
    Communication campaigns designed to match plan and participant needs.