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March 15, 2021 BlueStar Launches MyPlanConnection Mobile App

screenshot of MyPlanConnection 401k app

Are you ready to directly manage and take control of your retirement? The new BlueStar MyPlanConnection mobile app is here!

Current (and future) BlueStar customers will be able to directly and securely access, manage, and better plan their retirement income using Android and iOS devices. The new app is packed with exciting features to help make retirement planning not only easier, but better.

BlueStar Retirement App Features


Retirement Snapshot

Now you can quickly access and review your retirement snapshot in an easy-to-understand format using color-coded graphics.

Investment Holding and Elections

Use the app to review and manage your investment holding and elections in a user-friendly format. You’ll know exactly where you are investing your money with the tap of a button.

Retirement Income

Use the app to review your projected retirement income and quickly manage desired changes to your retirement roadmap. The new BlueStar MyPlanConnection mobile app allows you to take control of your future and offers suggestions on how to improve your projected retirement numbers.

Account Balance and Latest Contributions

The app easily updates you with your account balance and latest financial contributions. 


The best is yet to come. BlueStar retirement is committed to building upon this great foundation and have several feature updates planned throughout the spring and summer months. Mobile app users can look forward to a completely re-designed enrollment experience that guides participants every step of the way, as well as built in guidance to optimize participant contributions and investment strategy. They'll soon be able to take the driver's seat when it comes to retirement planning with personalized reminders and messaging to help them not only get on track, but stay on track with retirement goals.

Download the app today in both the App Store and Google Play store! If you’re not yet a BlueStar plan sponsor, contact our team today to start helping your employees better plan and manage their tomorrow.


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