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May 07, 2021 Financial Wellness and BlueStar’s Plan to Get You There

Chances are you have heard the term “financial wellness,” but do you really understand what it means to be financially well? And most importantly, how you can achieve financial wellness? 

Financial wellness is defined as having financial security and financial freedom of choice (Consumer Financial Protection Bureau). It means you have the ability to pay your debts on-time, have a well-funded emergency fund, and are on track to fund your kids' college tuition and your own retirement. No matter what the future may throw in your direction, you’re prepared.  Just like physical health, when you're financially healthy, your stress levels are lower, you're more productive, and you can enjoy life more. 

What’s your plan for financial wellness? As a leading retirement plan provider, financial wellness is something we take very seriously at BlueStar. We recently launched a series of educational videos that help prepare you for not only today, but for tomorrow as well.

Our financial wellness videos include saving in your 401(k) plan, investing concepts, and other popular financial wellness topics like how to save for college, getting (and staying) out of debt, financial checkups, and most importantly, how to get a handle on your personal finances.

Screenshot of financial wellness video. Why participate in your 401(k) plan?Screenshot of financial wellness video, Understanding market Volatility

The best part is our videos are available to all of our plan sponsors, advisors, and participants via their dashboard, and they’re all less than 3-minutes. Play them while you’re eating lunch or from your child’s soccer practice. 

BlueStar is more than just a 401(k) provider and goes the extra mile every day by providing education and financial literacy resources for advisors, plan sponsors, and their employees. Do you know what your current plan provider is doing to secure the future of your clients?


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